Frequently Asked Questions about AC Tune-Ups

Texans know the meaning of heat. The state of Texas currently ranks 4th in the list of the hottest states in the US, and is way up there at 2nd for hottest summers. To state things simply, people know how valuable services in AC repair in Rockwall, TX are especially when their system breaks down in a hot summer afternoon.

Generally speaking, Texas is hot, hot, hot. The weather in the different regions of Texas vary according to location. Western Texas typically experiences an arid desert climate while the areas to the East experience a humid, subtropical climate. That’s why a common sight in the normal Texan’s home is a good, reliable AC system.

Williams Services LLC offers services in system installation, inspection and AC repair in Rockwall, TX and other key areas of the state. You’ll never have to worry about the heat beating you with us just a quick call away!

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the basics and fundamentals of AC tune-ups—more specifically, why you need them, what they are, their benefits, and how often you should get a tune-up for your air conditioning system.

Q: Why do you need tune-ups?

A: Air conditionings are put through a lot year-round. Imagine that you have a machine, and you use that machine year-round for a good part of the day. If you were to compare it to a vehicle, you’d be putting some hefty mileage in. An AC unit without any regular maintenance can and will break down quickly.

Q: What is an AC tune up?

A: A tune-up is the inspection and corresponding improvements made to an AC unit. Many AC companies will pitch you an “x-number point” tune-up process. This assures you that a complete process will be performed, with no hitches or snags.

Over time and over frequent use, an AC system will accumulate dust and debris. An AC tune-up involves cleaning, and performing repairs to parts that have been adversely affected. You’ll hear things such as “cleaning your outdoor unit,” “changing your air filter,” “checking your fan blades, relays and wiring assemblies,” “cleaning drain tubes,” and more.

Here at Williams Services LLC, you can rely on a thorough tune-up, from thermostat inspection to lubrication of your AC’s moving parts.

Q: What are the benefits of having a tune-up?

A: Much like a car, having your AC tuned up will improve—and maintain, the overall quality of your machine. An AC tune-up has multiple benefits such as (1) prolonging the life of your system; (2) keeping you from spending on any expensive repair bills later on; (3) assuring efficiency of the cooling system, keeping home comfort levels high; (4) preventing damage to your home from condensate overflow; and (5) lowering utility bills from removing operational strain.

Q: How often should I have my AC tuned-up?

A: The rule of thumb here is to get your AC tuned up at least once every year. This interval is enough to have your system cleaned and operating at top efficiency.

Williams Services: your experts at AC tune ups in Eastern Texas

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