Let Us Replace or Install Your Air Conditioner in Dallas, Texas!

When it comes to installation or replacement of any type of air conditioner in Dallas, Texas, our team of highly trained and well-experienced technicians can definitely handle the job. We have been in the business for almost two decades and has worked with countless types of air conditioners in every possible form. You can always give us a call if you need help with installation or replacement of your air conditioning system.

If you are still undecided about installing a new air conditioner, you might want to know the benefits you will get from doing so. Also, if you have been scheduling frequent AC repairs lately, then it’s about time that you considered a new system that offers higher cooling efficiency and tons of other advantages. Here are the major benefits of replacing your old air conditioner in Dallas, Texas:

Cost and Energy Efficiency

– Summer is a great season when we get to do a lot of things outdoors. And when the sun gets too hot, we simply retreat to the comforts of our homes. However, if you have an inefficient air conditioner, then summer days can be a torture! Not to mention, the spiking electricity bills are a headache.

Replacing your old air conditioning system in Dallas will not only offer a comfortable place where you can relax during the summer season but will also lower your energy consumption. Newer AC models are more energy efficient, reducing cooling costs to about 20%. Also, it saves you from unnecessary expensive repairs that old models usually face. So, if you need help with the installation of a new unit, we are here to help.

Undeniable Comfort

– With a more efficient AC system, you can always be at peace that your home will be within the desirable temperature every time, ensuring the comfort you want of a home. At Williams Services, our technicians will help you choose the right air conditioning systems that will meet your cooling needs.


– Newer air conditioning systems no longer use R-22 (Freon), a type of refrigerant. Instead, R-410A (Puron) is usually used which is just as efficient as Freon without the negative environmental impacts. And since Freon is being phased out and becoming more difficult to obtain, the cost or recharging an old AC unit with Freon will become increasingly expensive. Thus, replacing your old and beaten unit is obviously a better economical and eco-friendly choice.

At Williams Services, we will get you the latest air conditioners in Dallas, Texas and will offer professional installation to ensure that your new unit will be set up properly. Our technicians will provide information regarding the available units to help you make an informed decision and pick the air conditioning system that will work best for you and your family or business. Stop wasting your money and help protect what’s left of the environment by replacing your inefficient air conditioning systems now. Give us a call to get started immediately!