What to Do While Waiting for the AC Repair Company

When your AC decides to stop working, sometimes it feels like your life has also come to a stand-still. Since the summertime can go through heat waves for days, you can expect professional technicians for your AC repair in Mesquite, TX to arrive a little late. While you are running through the motions of getting your life back, here are a few things that we can suggest while waiting for the technicians to arrive. High temperatures sure can be a problem but here are some tips to make such situations more bearable and productive.

  • Turn off the lights: During the day, it is best to keep as many lights off and sources of heat covered as possible. Turn most of the lights off and draw down the blinds or curtains. Having CFL and LED lights instead of the regular ones will also help, since they tend to emit the least amount of heat.
  • Turn on the fans: If you have fans at home, turn them on. This will help keep you and your home as cool as possible, while waiting for the professionals to arrive.
  • AC History: You want to remember about the complete history and age of your AC. This way, when the professionals come, this can help them determine the cause of the problem.
  • Bills or Receipts: It is best to look for any utility bills or receipts that might be useful. By looking at them, it can help the professionals determine if you are unusually paying more than normal for utilities. Sometimes, fixing or replacing your AC can help save you money in the long run, since high electricity consumption may indicate a malfunctioning AC system.
  • Check the thermostat: Problems with the thermostat is a common reason why people call in for AC repair in Mesquite, TX. You want to make sure that the thermostat is set to cool and shows a lower temperature, since this indicates that your AC is running. Some thermostats run on batteries, therefore it is important to have a fresh set. If this does not work, then there is a possibility that the wires are plugged incorrectly or something else is wrong with its inner workings.
  • Check the circuit breakers: This is another common reason why people often need AC repairs. The lack of power getting to the circuit breaker prevents your AC from fully functioning. It is possible that the main or secondary breaker is tripped.

Waiting at home when it is extremely hot is no fun! This is why our team at Williams Services is in business. We are here to keep the residents of Texas as cool and comfortable as possible. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have been waiting too long for your AC repair technicians to arrive, we would love to help you out. Better yet, give us a call first at 214-676-5909 and we will send someone out as soon as possible for your AC repair in Mesquite, TX.