Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

As one of the leading AC companies in Dallas, TX, we at Williams Services have heard our fair share of AC maintenance horror stories where homeowners make crucial mistakes in handling their air conditioners. It’s a common occurrence as there are many techniques for maintaining an AC system, but homeowners aren’t aware that some actually do more damage than helping the appliance. These common mistakes should be entirely avoided if homeowners want to make the most out of their AC investment.

An air conditioning system plays a big role in achieving a cozy feel at home and this comfort doesn’t come cheap. So, we encourage homeowners to do their very best to take good care of their air conditioners. To help you out, here are some points to be mindful of:

1 . Not using a ceiling or room fan with your AC.

  • A fan and the air conditioning system work together to efficiently cool down a room, but this isn’t something many people know. Since heat rises and cool air sinks, without a ceiling fan, an AC system will not be able to efficiently create a circular air flow that it needs to thoroughly cool down the room. A fan helps create this necessary flow, so it is always recommended that a fan is used simultaneously with an air conditioner on.

2. Setting the lowest temperature to speed up the cooling process.

  • Homeowners often assume that they can save energy by speeding up the process of cooling. They do this by setting the lowest temperature on their AC and assuming that as the air released is at its coldest, it’ll cool down the room faster and easier. However, this is actually the opposite of what really happens. Since the temperature is lower, the AC needs to work harder to cool down the air to that low temperature. It takes up more energy because it needs to work double the effort to do so. It’s still best to be patient, stick to the comfortable temperature you’re used to, and avoid setting it to the lowest degrees.

3. Avoiding professional help.

  • It’s easy for homeowners to learn and execute the basic cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners, and it’s a good set of skills to have to help avoid the need for an AC repair in Rockwall, TX. However, the mistake homeowners make here is that they become too comfortable and so sure that they do not need professional help as they do a good job maintaining the system themselves. Nonetheless, it is still best that homeowners allow a professional from one of the trusted AC companies in Dallas, TX to check their system at least once every three to four months. There are some aspects and problem areas of AC systems that only professionals can identify. It’s wise to have a professional confirm the functionality of an air conditioner every now and then.
  • Homeowners may not be aware of these little mistakes they make because they never seem too big of a deal. The long-term effect, however, may mean a shorter lifespan or an even more expensive AC repair. So, if you want to make sure that your AC unit stays in great shape, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with one of the best AC companies in Dallas, TX you trust. Williams Services offers great deals, advice, and services that help with AC problems homeowners commonly experience. Call us at 214-676-5909 today to know more.