Failure of One, Fall of Many: Causes of AC System Failure

So you managed to buy your very own air conditioning system. The problem is that you forgot to read the care manual and after only a week or two of continuous use, it somehow broke down. Now you’re worrying about how much you would spend for air conditioning in your area.

We all have to admit that sometimes, these occurrences happen to us, and more likely than not, we don’t know exactly what’s going on. We tend to dismiss it and continue to use the unit until such time that it totally breaks down and even the local repair guy would say it’s totally beyond repair.  We then end up buying a brand new unit altogether.

Like any other man-made device, air conditioning units aren’t made to last a lifetime. It would need a certain degree of maintenance to see it working seamlessly throughout the years;  but even that doesn’t guarantee the unit will run perfectly in a hundred or so years. Even so, maintenance is important for your air conditioning unit. Try hiring experts in air conditioning repair and maintenance every couple of months. Not only will you be doing a huge favor for your air conditioning system, you will also be saving more money in the future.

Now in order for you to catch the problem and have it repaired before it totally destroys the whole unit, one must understand the common causes of air conditioning failure.

Neglecting the manual is one of the most common causes of failure. The manual that comes with the unit actually has instructions on how to properly use your air conditioning system such as: turning off the air conditioning after x hours of use; the ideal temperature it should be set to for x amount of hours the unit remains running; and even how to plug the unit properly. Most of us would simply throw out the manual thinking it’s of no use when in fact, it can save you from using your air conditioner improperly.

Another cause for AC failure is damaged components. Now it may or may not be the owner’s fault as to why the components of the AC unit are faulty. It may be due to a factory defect where the unit somehow passed inspection with faulty components installed, or it may be because the owner has neglected to have their units inspected from time to time. The former rarely happens nowadays with more sophisticated methods of inspections and quality control. So, it usually happens because of neglect. As stated earlier, maintenance is important to keep the air conditioning unit from malfunctioning. A leak may be misinterpreted as condensation even though it’s already a frozen coil or a leaking refrigerant. Damaged components need to be checked as soon as you notice that your unit is not acting properly.

Where and how you plug the device can cause the air conditioning unit to burst into flames. Residences, especially old ones, may have old wiring and sockets that, when used, can send uneven amounts of electricity. Luckily, air conditioning units have a breaker that cuts the power going to the device itself, the problem is that it can also cause the device to malfunction. Sometimes, the owner fails to notice this and continues to use the already malfunctioning device. It won’t take long before the whole unit gets destroyed.

Sometimes, we see liquid leaking from our air conditioning units. Some might think that it’s a natural occurrence because of the cool air coming in contact with warm air thus creating pockets of water that eventually leak out of the unit. Stop thinking it’s normal, air conditioning units aren’t meant to leak. They are made up of highly complex components that convert warm air into cool air without condensing into water. If you see your unit leaking “water”, it might just be refrigerant leaking from the coil. Refrigerant is toxic and could potentially harm anyone who comes in contact with it. It also spells disaster for your air conditioning unit as it does not have enough cooling components inside to convert warm air into cool air. Eventually, your AC system would be spewing out warm, sometimes even hot air, which not only makes it uncomfortable for you but also overheats the system in the process. So when you see liquid leaking from the AC, switch off the air-conditioner, unplug the device, and call a professional right away.

AC failure is quite common in this part of the country, the Texas heat can really be unforgiving, and one couldn’t blame people for using their AC units for hours on end. Even so, neglecting one’s air-conditioning unit is never a good idea. It would still be better to have it checked by a professional from time to time to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the year.

If your AC unit looks like it’s about to fail on you, hire an AC professional. Here at Williams Services, we provide you quality air conditioning repair and its neighboring areas such as Forney, Rockwall, Garland, Heath, Sunnyvale, Richardson, Carrollton, and Addison. We also do scheduled maintenance services for HVAC units as well as installations for your AC systems. If it involves HVAC systems, we are your go-to company. For inquiries, you can go to our contact page and fill out the form, you can also give us a call at 214-676-5909 for more information. Our friendly staff is more than willing to accommodate you.