FAQs about HVAC Tune-up: The Vital Step after AC and Furnace Installation in Garland, TX

What is a tune-up?

Once air conditioning and furnace installation are done in Garland, TX, maintenance is the next step that the homeowner must invest in. A tune-up is a type of maintenance process done on electronics, especially those that work for hours on end. This may include a series of steps, from general diagnostics to cleaning and minor repairs. Tune-ups are essential for keeping furnaces and AC systems properly functioning.

Tune-ups are best performed by licensed professionals. An amateur may severely damage the inner workings of furnaces and air conditioning systems, or even harm themselves by not taking appropriate safety precautions.

Why do you need tune-ups?

As HVAC systems last through years, they start accumulating dirt and minor malfunctions. As these malfunctions pile up, the HVAC system has to work harder to cope. Regular tune-ups ensure that these malfunctions are taken care of so that HVAC systems are always at their best. Therefore, AC or furnace installation in Garland, TX is never complete without a tune-up plan.

What are the benefits of having a tune-up?

As mentioned earlier, regular tune-ups can help HVAC systems work more efficiently. Since they don’t have to work as hard, properly-tuned HVAC systems use less energy and help save money on bills. Additionally, properly tuned-up HVAC systems are healthier for people living in the building. These systems are less likely to release particulates into the atmosphere and keep the air at a stable temperature.

How often should I have my HVAC tuned up?

In the hot air of Texas, it is typical to have an air conditioning or furnace system tuned up once per year. This is in addition to any repairs that may be needed over the year.

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